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Azeroncraft is a minecraft server with an earth map in the scale 1:1000!

Here you can create your own kingdom and build, trade or fight other kingdoms! Gold ingots are the currency here, and you can also convert them at Spawn.


Click here for map of the server!

Plugins Edit

Towny Edit

Towny is a player-controlled land management plugin that lets you protect your city from griefing, pvp and mobs. Join a town or create one yourself, and then you can farm, build and upgrade your civilization. This plugin also includes wars, so you can fight and take territory from other towns and nations!

Vehicles Edit

Unlock awesome vehicles like planes, tanks, helicopters and cars! Can be used for both traveling and fighting enemies.


In MCMMO, you are able to mine faster and punch harder by upgrading your skill levels!

Nations Edit

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